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Our Blog is a collection articles pertaining to services we offer and tips you can implement on your own (usually for free, so send us a thank you if you find something particularly helpful!). Learn to improve your SEO (or see how we do it), how to build content with all users in mind and even how to build assets you’ll need to start your own business. Our goal is to provide free resources for you on another level, to help you succeed and avoid making mistakes that have already been made.

Mobile Responsiveness: Google’s New #1

Mobile Responsiveness: Google's New #1Mobile Responsiveness: I remember watching Inspector Gadget as a kid (yes, I’m that old) and watching Penny talk to her Uncle on a wristwatch. I thought, “man, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to talk to people like that anywhere,...

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How to Write an Effective Call to Action

Write Better Calls to Action in Five Easy StepsIn the second part of our CTA How-To, we’re going to walk you through writing an effective CTA. If you’ve forgotten what a CTA is, check out our first blog on the subject and qualify for a chance to win $1,000 here. Once...

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Without CTA’s, you’re losing business

Make $1,000 Just by Reading This ArticleOkay, that’s a lie. But was it a great Call to Action (CTA)?  The simple answer is no, it’s an awful CTA, even if it got you to click a link and start reading this article. Why? Because it wasn’t accurate. It’s going to result...

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The Power of Testimonials

The Power of TestimonialsOf all the things you’re doing, all the social media and paid advertisements and billboards and podcast ads and teenagers dancing in front of your store with giant signs, nothing is as important as a good old-fashioned referral. Are you...

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Jumpstart Your Business

Having a Dream: Starting Your Own BusinessLots of people dream of owning a business. According to survey results from an impressive global study we just made up, over 93% of people want to operate a business of their own, while 99% of people fictitiously polled...

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Flourishing in 2021: Why You Need a Marketing Plan

Flourishing in 2021: Why You Need a PlanFive Things a Marketing Plan Does (that your company desperately needs to grow): Let’s just say it, 2020 stunk. But if you’re still here, if you’re reading our blog, then your business is still alive and in a great position to...

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Kati Hendricks, Rockstar Client

Kati Hendricks, Rockstar ClientGetting Vocal About a Great Partner.We don’t cater to a specific “type of client,” but it’s no secret we enjoy working with musicians. They’re creative, they work hard, and they understand both the desire to stay true to themselves and...

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Livestreams: Adding a Dimension to What You Do.

Live StreamsAdding a Dimension to What You Do.  COVID changed everything; the way we work, the way we socialize, even the way we look while we’re out shopping (because Amazon can’t deliver everything.... yet). Personally, I’d trade a finger for the pre-COVID world...

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Website Myths (Part Three): Affordability

Storytime: Myths about Business Websites (Part Three)The Big Myth: I’m a small business, I can’t afford a Website Manager.There are really two ways to look at the affordability of professional web management: 1. It’s cheaper to maintain a website than it is to fix one...

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