Marketing is our niche

Some things should be left in the hands of professionals: Surgery, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Chess Boxing (yeah, that’s a real thing), and Marketing. Poorly executed marketing will cost you money, AE Digital Marketing will grow your brand and increase your long-term revenue.

What we bring to the table

Graphic Design

While there are plenty of freelance Graphic Designers happy to create an image for you, our designer works with a marketing team and has the dynamic support of Marketing and Branding experts through every step of the process. Any image with your name on it is a part of your brand and deserves to be created with the same savvy attention to detail as any aspect of your business. 

Whether you need a new logo, a new approach to your old logo, or assets customized to reflect your business, we keep you on-brand. From mailers to menus, we can handle any print or digital design needs you have. And because you get an entire team instead of just a Graphic Designer, you can be sure that every image complements your overall marketing strategies. We make sure your designs are unique, complementary and effective.

Web Designs and development

In today’s world, more goes into a website than ever before. Your site’s security, regulatory compliance, crosslinks, keywords and even image files all contribute to your site’s internet discoverability. If you aren’t constantly updating elements of your content you’ll be overlooked by search engines like Google. Building a website is simple, anyone can create a Wix account and click-drag their site into existence. But we build websites through the collaborative efforts of a Web Developer, a Graphic Designer and a Copy Writer specializing in White Hat SEO. 

Our Websites are built to be Mobile Responsive, ADA Compliant and tailored to provide a Professional look and feel that is distinctly you. We build to fit your brand, personally writing your copy and designing your images to reflect your business. Your page will be visually engaging, optimized for Search Engine Marketing, and easy to navigate for your customers. We even integrate social media and e-commerce directly into your site to help make every aspect of your digital profile available in one place. 

Building a funnel is hard. Not because there aren’t resources available to generate leads, but because there are TOO MANY. Which social media channels should you use? Should you publish on authoritative sites? Are professional networking sources worth the effort or ad spend? What should an email marketing campaign look like? It’s a lot of questions, and we’ve made a habit out of finding the best answers. 

We’ll help you trim the fat of your funnel, attracting quality leads instead of wasting time and money on those with low likelihood of conversion. Through savvy social media and email marketing, we’ll get you in front of new leads and give them a reason to pay attention to you. We’ll vet partner opportunities to ensure they’re mutually beneficial, and we’ll help frame a lead-development funnel that is effective, sustainable, and aligned with your Quarterly / Annual goals.

Digital Marketing requires an in-depth, multifaceted approach with A LOT of moving parts. Social Media, Videos, Photography, Voice Ads, PPC ads, Blogs and more all comprise effective marketing campaigns, but how much do you need and what do you do with it? 

Marketing plans should be tailored to your needs, strengths and goals, and we’re happy to plan and create the right content for YOUR business. We’ll find the best avenues for you to be seen and heard, develop the various collateral you need, and help successfully implement it across meaningful, impactful channels. We’ll also assess the results from each aspect of your campaign, making data-driven modifications as time goes on to continually optimize your plan and get your best ROI over time.

Service Areas




Small Biz & Startups

How can we help?

I need everything!

Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Development, Professional Copy-writing for Cold Call Assets; let’s talk about the different elements that create a successful lead funnel and determine which services make sense for your new or rebranded business.

Is my site compliant? Free ADA audit

In a world in which digital presence is becoming rapidly more important for a business to succeed, you need to make sure your website is promoting your brand without opening you to risk. Don’t let one lawsuit ruin everything you built, take advantage of a free ADA audit today. 

What does my SEO look like?

If you’re not ranking on the first page of Google, Bing and other search engines, we can tell you why. With over ten years’ experience in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, we can explain why you aren’t ranking highly, and we can help fix it.

Not sure, what do you recommend?

Most business owners don’t know what they need exactly, just that they need help. That’s okay, connect with us and we’ll talk you through your goals, needs and solutions. We can put together a customized digital marketing plan that suits YOUR business needs and fits YOUR budget.

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