Americans With Disabilities Compliance

Everyone has a right to experience your website.

ADA compliance is a vital aspect of protecting your website, your business and your reputation.

Strict guidelines are in place and enforced to ensure that web content is available to everyone, including those with disabilities that affect how they absorb digital content on their computers and other mobile platforms. Failing to adhere to federal guidelines can result in serious consequences, including fines that many small businesses simply can’t afford.
Over one in five Americans suffers a disability that may affect how they experience and engage in website content. As lawsuits become ever more common, your business needs to learn from the mistakes of Beyoncé, Domino’s, Fox News and even Harvard University. Even if you can can afford a multimillion-dollar lawsuit, there’s a good chance you’d rather just avoid it altogether. Learn from someone else’s mistakes, let us keep you ADA Compliant within all WCAG 2.0 standards.

Famous ADA Cases

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In todays world, more goes into a website than ever before

Search Engine Optimization

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Website Design & Development

In today’s world, more goes into a website than ever before. Your site’s security, regulatory compliance, crosslinks, keywords and even image files all contribute to its internet discoverability. Don’t be overlooked by search engines like Google, be seen with a website built through the collaborative efforts of a Web Developer, Graphic Designer and Copy Writer specializing in White Hat SEO.

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