Kati Hendricks, Rockstar Client

Getting Vocal About a Great Partner.

We don’t cater to a specific “type of client,” but it’s no secret we enjoy working with musicians. They’re creative, they work hard, and they understand both the desire to stay true to themselves and the need to evolve with the times. It’s part of what makes them such a good fit for our agency, and also part of the reason we wanted to shine a light on one in particular. We’d like you to meet (and learn from) Kati Hendricks , the Voice Whisperer of the Stars. 

What Kati Does

Kati is a longtime musician with a lifetime of on-stage experience. She started at five years-old, touring nationally with a country music act and regularly appearing on the Lewis Family Gospel Hour. She recorded her first album when she was seven, and has since become a prolific performer, songwriter and vocalist. Today she spends most of her time sharing her gift and experience with others as a vocals coach. She works with singers in every stage of their journey, from up-and-coming gig musicians to some of the most recognizable voices on your radio.

What Kati Needed

While Kati Hendricks was already a name recognized throughout the industry, she needed to update her digital presence and evolve with a post-COVID world that frowned on face-to-face vocalist instruction. Her website needed a modern touch, and it needed to bring her new Master Class to anyone looking to expand their vocal range, enrich their sound and reach their full singing potential.

What Made Kati a Rockstar Client:

Kati had something she knew was worth sharing, but she needed a modern website with which to share it. Like most of our clients, Kati was awesome, she just needed a little help showing off. Her accomplishments speak for themselves, her accolades are incredible, and the list of organizations and performers she’s worked with are impressive: Radio Disney, Nickelodeon, Make A Wish Foundation, Animal Planet, Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital, the list goes on and on. But in today’s world of internet discoverability and search engine optimization, even the most talented trees in the forest don’t make a sound if nobody is able to hear them.

You don’t have to be a literal Rockstar to benefit from a Digital Marketing Agency. Kati happens to be, but all you really need is something worth bringing to the world, and a desire to get paid for it. Most of our clients aren’t as far along as Kati was, they’re still growing their brand, trying to build a digital presence and rank higher on Google, Bing and other major search engines. But they all have something in common with Kati: They’re awesome, they want the world to know it, and they recognize we can help. Sound like anyone you know?

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