Level-Up Your Business: Web Development Basics

Welcome to the AE Digital Monthly Webinar Series. These short, easy to understand videos are designed to level-up your business by breaking down marketing strategies and helping you succeed, no matter your level of digital marketing experience. Whether you want to learn the lingo and better understand your marketing nerds, or get your hands dirty and take on marketing tasks yourself, AE Digital Marketing’s Level-Up series provides the road map to your company’s success.

Our next Webinar breaks down common terms and strategies for professional website development. You’ll learn about some of the most crucial elements of building a business’s website, including:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What IS SEO and why does it matter?


Core Web Vitals

The new way Google is ranking your site.


Tips and Tricks

Blogs, Back Linking and Social Media all affect how your site ranks, but how?

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