The GoKnee Method

How we helped

The GoKnee® is another incredible medical device created by Physical Therapist Shehla Rooney. Combined with Shehla’s study-backed exercise protocol, The GoKnee® method provides the fastest, most cost-effective recovery from a total knee replacement. Backed by a study at Belmont University’s School of Physical Therapy, The GoKnee® is clinically proven to expedite recovery using evidence-based exercises and neurological principles of recovery, all from the convenience of a patient’s home.  

The COVID Pandemic of 2020 was not kind to the healthcare industry, and Shehla quickly found herself with the best TKA / TKR recovery device in a world where doctors couldn’t perform surgeries. She needed a new way to market her product and protocol, and to establish a leads funnel that would survive the pandemic. 

We worked with The GoKnee® to create a revitalized social media presence, create short- and long-term marketing plans, develop advertising and sales assets, and refuse to “bend the knee” to an unforgiving economy. Through regular consultation, strategic planning and asset development, we’re keeping The GoKnee® poised to take advantage of the 700,000+ knee replacement surgeries expected over the next year. 

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