Live Streams

Adding a Dimension to What You Do.  

COVID changed everything; the way we work, the way we socialize, even the way we look while we’re out shopping (because Amazon can’t deliver everything.… yet). Personally, I’d trade a finger for the pre-COVID world (and I’ve only got nine left, so that says something), but every cloud has a silver lining, and this is no exception.   The pandemic robbed the world of recreational sports, live music performances, and basically anything fun. But it simultaneously ushered in a need for technological adaptation, making novelty digital communication platforms like Zoom, Go-to-Meeting and Google Chat essential work applications. In doing so, COVID built a funnel that drove more people than ever before to the internet, both for work and entertainment. The Explosion of Livestreaming. Remember when Twitch was for video game nerds living in Mom’s basement? Those days are as far gone as pep rallies and free-ranging grocery store aisles. COVID changed the face of streaming, probably forever. Musicians, Gamers, Podcasters, Analysts and Artists took to streaming and never looked back, forcing YouTube Live, Facebook Live and others to seriously up their game and catch up to their “nerdy” predecessor. Livestreaming has morphed from a gamers-only haven into a gig-workers dream. Content creators are supplementing their income, musicians are replacing gigs, and people are connecting with audiences in more meaningful (and profitable) ways than ever before. If your passion is music, gaming, or engaging with people in real time, Livestreaming is probably for you. Why You Should be Streaming:
  1. 1. Experiential Content.
Streaming creates a personal connection with fans through Experiential Marketing. You’re engaging with your followers directly in real-time, putting them in the middle of your performance and giving them a way to interact with you directly. This is the reason radio talk shows (remember those?) allowed Bob from Cookeville to dial in with his ridiculous opinion on Hawaiian-style pizza: interaction is the best action, especially in a world socially stifled by COVID. Fans that get to connect personally are more loyal, enthusiastic, and likely to share your content with friends. We call those fans “Brand Ambassadors,” and they’re the key to your success.
  1. 2. Reach New People.
Playing music in the bar downtown makes for a great Saturday night, but your audience is limited to the people within a few hundred square feet of your performance. Livestreaming on Twitch, Youtube or Facebook allows you to reach billions (that’s right, with a “B”) from the comfort of your basement, backyard, office, or anywhere you’ve got electricity and wifi. One of my favorite “Twitch Musicians” is Resurrection Fern. She streams from home while balancing chronic illness and motherhood (not sure which is more exhausting, you’ll have to ask her), and has about 50,000 followers. That’s over twice the capacity of Madison Square Garden, and it doesn’t even take YouTube, Facebook and Twitch audiences into account. How’s that for a gig?
  1. 3. Make Money Doing What You Love.
Seriously, get paid to do things you want to do more often anyway. Livestream fans want you to entertain them, and most are willing to throw a dollar in the digital tip jar if you’re giving them what they want. Streaming allows a number of different ways to make money doing what you love, from tips, to outside donations, to sponsorships, to subscriptions (which Amazon Prime members are allowed to give you for free). As long as you give your fans a reason to stay tuned, you can turn your hobby into an income.
  1. 4. It’s Easier than You Think.
Seriously, it’s doable. AE Digital Marketing team members are already experienced in helping streamers create professional digital assets, develop livestream channels and market those channels to reach new audiences ALL AROUND THE WORLD. If you have the idea, the ability, and the willingness to learn from a team of professionals, then you can (and probably should) livestream. Whether you’re looking for real-time constructive input, a deeper level of connection to your followers, or just a way to supplement your income, a professionally developed Livestream may be the element you didn’t know you were missing.   Take a little time to surf some popular livestream platforms, then ask yourself if you’d like to be on the other side of the stream. If it’s for you, visit our Streaming Services Page to see how we can help you get started.
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