Pizza, My Dear

How we helped

One of the best spots for artisanal pizza in Las Vegas also had one of the ugliest websites we’ve ever seen. Pizza, My Dear is a family-owned pizzeria established in 2003 (with a website that looked like it was built in 1993). They make their dough fresh daily, use only high quality ingredients, and even make their sauce in-house. In short, it’s the best Pizza you’ve never had. 

In 2020, COVID devastated lives and destroyed the global economy. In the business world, very few industries felt COVID’s impact like small-business restaurants. Pizza, My Dear quickly found itself in a world where websites and a shift to online-functionality meant the difference between surviving and shutting the doors forever. 

We built them a beautiful website, fully functional on mobile devices and computers, and increased their organic traffic by 80%. Their previous website received just under 1,000 visitors per month, while their new site receives almost 1,800 hungry customers each month. That isn’t paid traffic, it’s all organic, just like their ingredients.

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