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Dawn Modlin has over 25 years of experience working in both corporate and nonprofit business development. She has worked for large companies such as Academy Sports & Outdoors, Wham-O, Mattel, and Averitt Express, and served as the Executive Director of United Way in Indiana. She’s an industry expert on business growth, human resources, and team development training. That makes Modlin Business Solutions a one-stop virtual shop for HR & Safety Services, Grant Writing, Interactive Online Training and High-Performance Coaching. 

Despite her incredible wealth of business development experience, Dawn isn’t a professional marketer. She wasn’t putting her brand on social media channels in a meaningful way and was trying to manage her own ad spend through Google Ads. As most business owners can attest, Google’s PPC ad system is a complicated one, and even knowledgeable professionals can struggle (and lose money) to manage their accounts without professional assistance. Modlin’s ads weren’t bringing in leads, and Dawn needed to find out why. 

With a deep dive into her Google Analytics, we were able to uncover the problem with Dawn’s ads. Her placement preferences and demographics weren’t optimized, causing her ads to run on channels with little chance of converting leads. Google placed her ad on children’s apps, Tinder, and YouTube channels for 80’s cover bands. By adjusting her demographics and creating a new look-like audience, we retargeted her ads and put her on a plan to coordinate PPC advertising, social media, and an intermediate marketing plan.

Andrew and his team are highly skilled at boosting your business. They make sure to get to know you, what you offer and spread the word to increase awareness of your business. I highly recommend AE Digital Marketing!

Dawn Modlin

Modlin Business Solutions

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