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Libby and Daniel met in college. They took a course focused on identifying challenges in medicine and formed a partnership that would one day save lives, “one airway at a time.” While working as a nurse technician, Daniel observed an overdose patient in need of emergency intubation. The attending doctor, despite years of experience, struggled to intubate the patient because of excessive fluids obstructing the airway. Operating a depressor, a suction device, and an artificial airway with only two hands was simply too challenging a task to perform when every second mattered, and it was a challenge that cost patients their lives.   

It wasn’t long before Libby and Daniel met the challenge. They created a new intubation stylet with a thumb-operated suction device built into it. Their device won first place in the 2020 Eagle Works Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, and second place in the 2020 36|86 Competition. They received $10,000 in startup capitol and entrepreneurial support, but needed someone to help build their brand, tell their story, and bring their product to market. Enter AE Digital Marketing. 

We built them a logo, a website, and a way to bring their idea into field medicine, where successfully intubating patients on the first try is vital. Their 100% mobile responsive website demonstrates the versatility of the BrantleyMarie Suction Enhanced Stylet, showcases their incredible accomplishments, and gives visitors a sense of exactly who these incredible entrepreneurs really are. Brand design, a website to attract investors, and a path to medical device sales channels all help bring this life-saving innovation to the EMT’s, field medics, and emergency rooms that need it most.

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